Toxic People

Sometimes you need to learn to let people go. Sometimes in your life there is a person who is toxic, who just does not care about you or the way that you feel in the slightest. No matter how much you care about someone, sometimes you just need to let that person go. Think about […]

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Losing Your Lover

The pain of losing someone that you care about immensely is unimaginable and I would never wish it upon even my worst enemies. When someone breaks your heart, you can feel your heart breaking into a million pieces, it shatters in your chest. Fighting with someone you care about is painful enough, going through the […]

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Dancing is something that I personally have never been good at. I do not have the kind of coordination that is required to be good at dancing. Especially one of the more complicated types of dancing such as ballet. I’ve also never had the motivation to learn. I was in a ballet class when I […]

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Where In The World

I don’t necessarily want to go somewhere different from where I am now. I am perfectly content with everything about where I am. I moved here not that long ago from a place that would generally be considered far away. I didn’t leave the country or even the province, but I did move far away. […]

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The Unrequited Love Poem

When you love someone, who does not love you back, you feel a sense of emptiness inside of you. It feels as though you are not worthy of their love. It is as if their love is worth more than you are. It feels like you do not deserve to be loved, not by them […]

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