Dancing is something that I personally have never been good at. I do not have the kind of coordination that is required to be good at dancing. Especially one of the more complicated types of dancing such as ballet. I’ve also never had the motivation to learn. I was in a ballet class when I was very young and I just didn’t get into it, to the point where I wouldn’t even participate. Dancing is just not something that interests me, not even in the slightest. It’s not something that I necessarily enjoy, but I do think that it would all depend on who I am dancing with. If I were to be dancing with a partner I think that I would enjoy it a lot more than if I were dancing on my own. I think that dancing with a partner would make the whole thing a whole lot more entertaining. If I was dancing with certain people I know that there would be a smile on my face and a laugh escaping my lips the entire time.
If I were dancing with my boyfriend, for example, I would be so incredibly happy. It wouldn’t matter how we were dancing. We could be slow dancing, line dancing, or even square dancing. The style of dancing is not something that matters, just the fact that we are dancing is what truly matters to me. I think that’s what makes dancing so special. The relationship that you have with someone could enhance the appeal of almost anything. You could hate doing something, but doing it with someone that you like would make that specific thing not quite as bad. Dancing is also something that can be very intimate and romantic if you do it a certain way. I think that is why dancing with your significant other is so appealing. It is something to spice up the relationship in a sense.
Dancing with someone special is so mesmerising and appealing. I can just imagine my hand in his, and my hand on his shoulder and his on my waist. We would get lost in each others’ eyes. I can imagine the feeling of it all, feeling like we are the only two people in the room even if we are not. We could be in the middle of the dance floor with people surrounding us, watching us even, and it would still feel like we are the only two people. I just want to be there living in the moment with him, I want to see his blue eyes sparkle in the light. His eyes always look so beautiful in the dim light. I love how they look. I mean even if the light isn’t dim, even if the lights are bright, his eyes would still look gorgeous. The way his eyes contrast the auburn hair on the top of his head is beautiful. He is beautiful. I can just see the look that I would be getting from him as we danced, I can imagine the smile on his face as he watches me dance. I can see now how beautiful that moment would be.
Dancing requires you to concentrate, something that I personally am not very good at. But I do crave the intimacy of dancing with a partner. Especially when that partner is one with whom you have a personal relationship. When you are falling for the person that you are dancing with it appears that time stops. Everything stops even if just for a moment. Of course, that isn’t actually how it is but it seems that way. Nothing else could possibly matter in that moment. Not a single thing except for you and your partner.
Dancing is beautiful if you really think about it. With a partner or without. The movements of it, as you work on a stage or a floor, or with another person. It’s very intriguing watching two people move in contrast with each other as they dance. I enjoy watching two people whose steps are so delicate and gracefully whilst moving around each other and with each other. To move at the pace that some dance partners do, you must know what you’re doing.
One thing about dancing with a partner is that your partner in dancing doesn’t have to be your significant other, it could be your friend, an acquaintance, or even a stranger. It could be an old friend or someone that you barely know. You could be dancing on a first date or at a party. You could be in the middle of the dance floor or off to the side in the middle of the crowd. Depending on if you like to be the centre of attention or not. You could be doing ballet up on a stage in front of hundreds of people, or even thousands. You could be dancing along to the upbeat pop music playing in a popular club downtown, right in the middle of the dance floor. You could even be dancing by yourself in your bedroom with headphones in your ears, dancing like no one is watching because no one is.
There are so many assorted styles in which people dance and so many places that people do all those types of dancing. Dancing is such a beautiful art form that I feel is very underappreciated. Dance is beautiful. The footwork that people master is amazing and they make it look so effortless. When you watch someone professional who has done this their entire life it is hard to understand how difficult it is to do what they are doing. They make it look so incredibly easy.
Then there are people who have no clue what they are doing. They don’t know how to dance for the life of them, no matter how much they practice, but they love it. So, they do it anyways, and that is just as beautiful. The fact that not being good at something doesn’t stop someone from doing it, is great on its own.
Dance is such a beautiful art form that I feel needs to be appreciated more than it is. It is something that lots of people love doing and I think that that is beautiful.


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