Where In The World

I don’t necessarily want to go somewhere different from where I am now. I am perfectly content with everything about where I am. I moved here not that long ago from a place that would generally be considered far away. I didn’t leave the country or even the province, but I did move far away. Now I am settled where I live and I do honestly like it here. I have a good life. I like my house, my family, my friends, and my boyfriend, but still is hard to say that I would turn down an opportunity to go somewhere far away and never look back if I was given the option. That is something that I have always wanted to do. I know for a fact that there are many places around the world, that if I were to be given a free ticket to, I’d be there in a heartbeat.
The one thing I’d have to think about is how would I get wherever I am going. I’ve been in cars and on boats plenty of times, but the one type of vehicle I have never been in is a plane. I have never once in my life been soaring through the air in one of those gigantic airplanes that, depending on where you live, you see flying through the sky almost daily. However, they have always interested me greatly. Anything man-made that can fly the way that an airplane does is fascinating to me. I would be very interested to see what they are really like. All I know about airplanes is what they show on television shows or movies since I’ve never had the chance to explore one myself. I can picture the rows of three seats that are showcased in just about every television or movie scene involving an airplane. So, if I had to explain what the inside of an airplane looked like, I would talk about those rows of three seats that stretch up almost the entire length of the plane. I would talk about what I have seen on screens, as I have no personal knowledge of the inside of a plane or the outside for that matter. I would like to be on an airplane one day, just for the experience. So, I think that if I were to be traveling someone far away that I would take a plane.
I think that other means of travel are just boring for me at this point. Boats are cool, but the amount that I have traveled on boats at this point in my life makes them uninteresting to me. Cars as well. The sheer amount of traveling that I have done in those two vehicles makes them very boring.
There is another vehicle that I have also never been in and that would be a train. Trains are interesting but they are also very old school, and not nearly as technologically advanced as a plane. As well, they would also not be nearly as efficient as a plane would be in getting me to a lot of new and cool places. I can travel on land, that is it.
As for who I would travel with, now that is a no brainer. If I had the chance to bring another person on a trip around the world, I would bring my boyfriend. Not only is he the first person that I would want to experience these things with, I think that he is the type of person that would very much enjoy these adventures as well.
Now, for where I would go. That is a completely different and very difficult situation. If I was given the chance, I’d love to go everywhere, and see everything. I would love to be able to one day travel around the entire world and see everything that there is to see.
Personally, I would be very interested in going somewhere nice and hot, with a lot of sunny weather and nice clean clear water. Somewhere beautiful, like the Caribbean or the Bahamas. Somewhere like that would be fantastic. I’d love to be able to just lay down on a beach somewhere in the sun and tan, or go for a dip in the perfectly cool water. It would be an amazing experience to see all of the wildlife that lives in those parts of the world that we don’t have here. I would also love to be able to go for a swim with the dolphins or something like that, that is something they do in that part of the world, and I think that it would be a unique and exciting experience.
I would also love to go somewhere like Australia for a visit. They have so many cool things there that I’d love to get to experience first hand. I would love to be able to see a kangaroo up close or a koala. Those are both very interesting creatures that fascinate me and that I would love to be able to see. I’d also love to experience the culture of a place like Australia and listen to their accents and the way that they talk.
I’ve always loved accents and the diverse ways that people talk, even when they are speaking the same language. It is incredibly interesting to hear all the various kinds of accents from all around the world. That is just always something that has intrigued me greatly.
I would also love to visit somewhere in Asia. Somewhere like Japan or China. Visiting somewhere like Hong Kong would be very interesting, just to see how very different the people there are from the people in Canada or the United States. They speak different languages than we do, and they eat very different food.
There are so many places that I’d love to visit, other than the one’s that I have already mentioned, because of the cool features and artifacts that they contain in their borders. It is a dream of mine to travel all over the world and discover and learn about all the different traditions and heritages that exist all over the world.


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